Nora Ephron, the writer of some of the best chick flicks of all time, passed away yesterday at 71.  She will be missed for a lot of reasons...

Not the least of which is her amazing writing and talent for turning out chick flicks that could single-handedly change male/female relationships if only the fellas would take notes!

I mean, she gave the guys the heads up on why you should just let a woman talk and cry about a fave movie of hers or else there will probably be no nooky at the end of the night after you've made fun of us in front of your friend in 'Sleepless in Seattle':

She also told the fellas that we can forgive you destroying us financially as long as you're a millionaire with a goofy grin in 'You've Got Mail':

And, most recently, she told the fellas that just because a woman is a foot taller than you, it doesn't mean you shouldn't look her way, because you'll miss out on the love of your life in 'Julie and Julia':

So, guys the next time you complain that you'll never understand women, just google Nora Ephron and watch her chick flicks.  She'll answer all your questions!

Rest in peace, Nora Ephron, and thanks for all the entertainment you gave us!

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