Well, in the year of our Lord, 1998, that's where.

I was hanging out at home watching an afternoon showing of 'You've Got Mail' with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, as if you didn't know who was in the movie!  Right before I had to change the channel to check out the five o'clock news to get the latest deets on former EPISD Superintendant Lorenzo Garcia's guilty plea in his corruption case, this scene played out....

Now, my mind was wandering a bit because I couldn't believe the stuff that Garcia had admitted - you know I'll have more to say about that later - but what stopped me in my tracks was Tom Hanks reminding me that back in the day, my Starbuck's only ran a little less than 3 bucks!  Check it at the :58 mark.

Curious to see what my much beloved Venti Latte, non-fat, no-foam, 3 Equals sets me back nowadays, I rung up my Starbucks on N. Mesa near UTEP where I get my Latte fix every Friday morning at 5:30 sharp, and asked the lovely barista who answered the phone, Brandon, what one would pay for a Venti Latte, non-fat, no foam, 3 Equals.

It's $4.17 with tax!  Yikes!

Yeah, whatevs, it is sooooooo worth it!  And, just because the Starbucks website had it, here is the nutritional information on my beloved Venti Latte!  Ah, Starbucks - I can't wait 'til Friday morning to get my weekly fix, no matter the cost!  And Mr. Hanks, just so you know, I know EXACTLY who I am - I am a Venti Latte, non-fat, no foam, 3 equal lover - so there!

What's your fave Starbuck's drink?

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