Kesha just wants a hug, Jerry Seinfeld. In a move that would make for a great Seinfeld episode -- "What's the deal with hugs?" -- the comedian sidestepped an attempted squeeze from Kesha at the (June 5) National Night of Laughter and Song event.

“I’m Kesha I love you so much, can I give you a hug?” the singer inquired as Seinfeld was being interviewed on the red carpet.

Seinfeld first replied with, "No thanks," and then he continued to repeat the phrase twice more as Kesha moved in closer and he stepped back.

Once a dejected Kesha left the scene, Seinfeld stated that he didn't know who she was. After the interviewer clued in the comedian, Seinfeld replied, "Well, I wish her the best."

'Twas a moment altogether as cringe worthy as an Elaine-infused dance session.

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