In the era of people screaming fake news for everything, I need to bring this story to your attention. I have seen multiple Facebook friends sharing this blog titled, "Texas Man Admits Kidnapping 79 People to Anally Probe Them While Disguised as an Alien." Yeah, that is a real headline. The problem is the information in the article isn't.

According to, 73-year-old Arnold White was arrested in El Paso, Texas after confessing to drugging people and then kidnapping them to take them home and probe them while wearing an alien costume. I know how crazy this sounds. It sounds too hilarious to believe or like the plot of a future Seth Rogan movie. Unfortunately, people don't check their sources and share this type of story, which brings negative comments about El Paso.

Now, El Paso isn't perfect and we have our own weirdos, but this weirdo doesn't belong to us. This website isn't even sure where this guy is from, they just used his mugshot. When you see weird headlines like this, head to, which is a site that is dedicated to helping readers debunk crazy stories like this one. After seeing my friend post it and start bashing El Paso, I immediately went to Snopes to fact check. According to Snopes, the report is fake, the photo credit is horribly wrong and they couldn't find any corroboration in El Paso media or law enforcement statements. If you take some time to look at what World News Daily Report usees as a disclaimer, they describe themselves as a satirical website and tell people their articles are basically false. All we know for sure is this guy in the mugshot has some serious big ears.

This is the real mugshot.


This is what we all expected.

via WNDR

Check your sources, learn accurate information and don't start debates without correct information. Save yourself with knowledge!