If you are on Facebook, you probably have heard of these two pages. Some people say the confessions are bogus, but they certainly do entertain! No matter what your alum is, I'm sure you'll find these pages interesting to say the least.

"#2584 My Great Dane killed my neighbor's cat today and I didn't know what to do so I just have it buried in my yard.  I feel like I'm the real life version of the guy in the Doritos commercial except I don't get any Doritos for covering up the murder of Mr. Whiskers."

That's just the tip of the iceberg of some of the 'confessions' on the NMSU COnfessions page. My favorite this week was:

"#2581 I have to say this but I have a weakness for a man in uniform...."

Followed by this meme:

It was hilarious!

And if you're a UTEP alum, there's a page for you! Some of my favorites from this week at UTEP were,

"#5792 I am straight guy and I love Twilight. I even cried at the end of the last movie."

LOL! or how about this one:

" #5786 So this girl added me on the facebook for the second time after i ignored it. i thought it was nothing but i saw her friends list and she only has people with the same middle name that i do.... That  is crazy."

SOme crazies venting on the confessions pages! Plus the moderators whom remain anonymous have some very witty comebacks! I love it and can't get enough! Here are the links to both pages...now you will spend hours reading and wasting time at work! Hoo-Ray!