Nicole Scherzinger is known for her sexy, skintight, skin-flashing frocks. She showed off her futuristic and digital side by wearing the first Twitter dress at the launch of EE, the new 4G mobile network on Thursday (Nov. 1.)

Scherzy's black, haute couture dress was made of silk chiffon and 500 Swarovski crystals. But what made it special was the 2,000 LED lights, which spelled out tweets that fans posted in real time throughout the evening via the @EE handle and the #tweetthedress hashtag. We hope that no one got rude and tweeted naughty stuff!

Cute Circuit created the interactive dress.

The dress certainly kept the the singer and former 'X Factor' host covered up, but it wasn't about her or her bod. It was about the gown and the tweets.

We're surprised that Scherzy beat Lady Gaga to the punch. You'd think the person with the most Twitter followers would be the person to wear a live tweet dress, as opposed to a mid-level pop star who is bigger overseas than she is in the U.S. You know, Nic's 'Killer Love' album never did see a release in the U.S. But then again, this was a U.K. event, and that's Nic's domain.

First Katy Perry wears a ballot dress. Now Scherzy rocks a live tweet dress. We will expect the Haus of Gaga to top this.

Tim Whitby (2), Getty Images

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