On Thursday (June 16), Nick Canon released a rap track called "Divorce Papers," and much like the song's title suggests, it's an intimate look into the psyche of the entertainer following his high-profile split from Mariah Carey. And yes, it's very emotional.

The raw freestyle touches on his fractured marriage to the pop star, and while there's not too much rage to the lyrics, it is a brutally honest breakdown of their relationship, his ongoing media drama and the personal struggles he's experienced during the fallout of the breakup.

"If Kanye feel like Pablo, I feel like Ike / Turner, I just might / When the world hate you because of what she sing about," Cannon raps, seemingly placing some of the blame on his ex. "I should have listen to y'all tips, bring 'em out / Now y'all happy? Hope she happy / Know she happy / Paparazzi snapping."

As he freestyles about his two children with Carey, Monroe and Moroccan, the America's Got Talent host sounds especially devastated: "We single now but [what] we really need to think about is how a child deals / How a child feels / Because we got two and they brilliant for real / Resilient for real... / And I'ma be honest, sometimes I hate to hear you're on the other line having fun without me / I wonder if my son will ever doubt me / Cause what the press write about me..."

The rapper also touches upon the fragility of fandom, and those who have turned their backs — or against him — during his time of hardship.

"Remember when the fans was glad for me?" he asks. "Now they wanna brag, talk s--- and dab on me / They don't realize my pop just died, damn homie / This is my real life, almost died twice myself / But f--- my health / Ya'll felt I kept this s--- held up for some motherf---ing alimony? / Now who phony? / When y'all need help, y'all call me / When I need help, y'all call TMZ / And y'all believe everything that ya'll see."

However, in a statement to Karen Civil, the site which premiered the song yesterday, the artist insisted that he and Carey are "in a great place and are diligently moving things along so we both can continue to be happy," adding that he is "happy for her and all her new endeavors, both personal ones and professional ones."

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