Ever wanted to attack your enemies in a nonviolent, yet fully irritating way? A new website now allows you to Glitterbomb your enemies! Make them suffer in a sparkly way.

Glitter is one of the best, and worst, things in the world. It's beautiful, sparkly, comes in a wonderful array of colors, and is forever stuck on anything it touches. You can vacuum it, rip it off with tape, brush it and even try to pinch it off, but you always see runaway sparkles that escape to forever annoy you. After glittering pine cones for Christmas, I still haven't been able to remove gold glitter from my table and couch cushions.

Some evil geniuses in Australia have now started a new website, ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com, where you can do exactly what the name says. You can ruin an enemy's day by shipping them an envelope filled with glitter for them to open. For only about $8 you can buy the envelope filled with what the website calls, "the herpes of the craft world."

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