A cheerier-than-it-sounds movie about cancer, a messes-with-your-mind horror/thriller, and a movie starring the always funny Anna Faris are your new choices this weekend in theatres.

  • 50/50 (R) - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen.

    A cancer prognosis changes the lives of best friends. Inspired by a true story.

  • DREAM HOUSE (PG-13) - Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz.

    A big-city family moves to a small town and discovers their house was once a murder scene.  Then he finds out his life with his wife and daughters might not even be real and that he was in a mental institution for supposedly killing them.

  • WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? (R) Anna Faris, Aziz Ansari, Joel McHale, Andy Samberg

    A girl looks for love by revisiting 20-years worth of ex-boyfriends. She vows to take another look at all her exes before sleeping with anyone else.