Local artists display new mural in Downtown El Paso in the middle of WinterFest!

If you head out to WinterFest this weekend in downtown El Paso look out for a new mural that was recently created by local artists @elcimi and @blastertsb and their local art shop Kalavera Culture Shop. The artist teamed up with the El Paso Museum of Art and a local photographer (Edgar Picazo Merino) who takes pictures of local people on the borderland. The people rendered in the mural are of actual people, one a young Tarahumara girl and the other is of a mariachi musician that recently performed at a Dia De Los Muertos event in El Paso.

The mural is breathtaking to say the least and it took the artists about 50 man hours and lots and lots of spray paint to complete. The mural is currently on display on wall of the El Paso Museum of Art that faces the Plaza Theatre and the WinterFest ice rink, so if you head out for the holiday festivities make sure you take a moment to admire the amazing talents of our local artists and its diverse people.

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