New Mexicans who really want to do right by their family should put the wheels back on their double wide and move to another state.

Wallethub has named The Land of Enchantment the 2019 worst state to raise a family in.

The study, conducted by the list-happy personal finance website, looked at all 50 states and determined its ranking based on "49 key indicators of family-friendliness" which included family income, divorce rates, housing affordability, education, and crime. The categories our neighbors to the west scored well in were far and very few between.

After crunching the numbers, the data showed New Mexico had the worst violent crime rate per capita in the nation (tied with Alaska and Tennessee), the second highest percentage of families living below the poverty level, and was among the 5 worst when it came to median family salary. A divorce rate near the bottom at #46 also contributed to New Mexico's poor overall score.

The only real positive was its #36 ranking in the “family fun” category, which takes things like the number of attractions and percentage of children who live near a park or playground into consideration.

Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia and Alabama round out the 5 worst states to raise a family in. Minnesota was deemed the best. Texas was 31.

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