An article from the PinonPost discusses the findings of a survey done by QuestionPro for "Gunther Mitsubishi," which identifies U.S. Route 285 in New Mexico as the MOST intimidating road trip for regular travelers.


This survey reached out to 3,000 frequent road "warriors" and found that the highway, U.S. Route 285, which stretches from Denver, Colorado to Sanderson, Texas, has raised a few concerns due to its remote nature, sparse services, and the potential for vehicle malfunctions.

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According to 'Z News Service,' this highway is remarkably isolated, covering vast areas with minimal facilities, like dollar drink nights and strip clubs.

This situation could mean that travelers could wait a long time for help if their vehicle breaks down.

The route also goes through desert areas where extreme weather can put both passengers and vehicles at risk, and most importantly furbabies!

Additionally, the long intervals between towns and fuel stations increase the likelihood of running out of gas or experiencing vehicle issues with no immediate help nearby.

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The survey also identified other roads that cause trepidation among travelers, such as:

Death Valley Road in California,
U.S. Route 90 in Texas,
Saddle Road in Hawaii,
U.S. Route 50 in Nevada,
Mountain Parkway in Kentucky,
and U.S. Route 14A in South Dakota.

Joseph Gunther IV, a representative from "Gunther Mitsubishi," highlighted the importance of readiness when embarking on road trips.

He stated, "Although vehicle malfunctions are infrequent, they can sour the road trip experience if not anticipated correctly."

Agreed. Sour is no bueno.

Gunther IV, lol, urged travelers to 'maintain a balance' between enjoying the thrill of a road trip and preparing for potential obstacles, which will help preserve the fun and enthusiasm of the journey.

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