So you want to head out to enjoy a little party on the patio of some local restaurant but you can't bear to leave Fido behind at home, right? Well, a new Texas law that goes into effect on September 1 will let you do that, but there are some things you need to know before you head out with your doggo:

1. There has to be a sign - Dogs can be in outdoor dining areas but the restaurant has to post a sign that they are allowed in the outdoor area. If there isn't a sign, they don't have to let you bring your dog on the patio.

2. Dogs can't go inside - If there is a sign, there also has to be outdoor access to the patio. You cannot walk your dog through the restaurant to get to the outdoor area even if the restaurant allows dogs outside.

3. Put a leash on it - If you take your pupper to a restaurant, you have to keep it on a leash the whole time it is in the outdoor area.

4. No food for you - Or rather, no food can be prepared in the outdoor area if dogs are allowed.

Another feature of the new law also states that cities can't come up with any ordinances, rules, or extra requirements for restaurants to allow dogs on their outdoor patios. That means even if City Council decided they don't want dogs on outdoor patios, they can't come up with anything that would circumvent the new law.

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