If you are a Central El Pasoan, you know that the McDonald's at Montana and Trowbridge has been undergoing a big rebirth lately. For months, we’ve seen the McDonald’s getting torn down and rebuilt, but it seemed to be taking a long time. Now we know what was taking so long. The newest McDonald’s in the city is also the first one with self-service kiosks.

The franchise owner said that they are happy with the up-to-date equipment and new play area for kids, but they are thrilled at the convenience of the self-order kiosks, and they believe that customers will embrace the new technology.

With the self-order kiosks, you can not only order your favorite meal, you can even customize your toppings, bread, and get other options. Just like a traditional McDonald’s, you can pay at the kiosks with credit, debit, and McDonald’s Arch cards. If you are going to use cash, however, you’ll have to use the front counter.

McDonald's rolled out their new self-order kiosks in 2016, but don’t worry, if you are old school and want a person to take your order, you can still do that.

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