Just when you thought it was over, the City of El Paso says the battle over the downtown arena in Duranguito will continue. Council voted yesterday to appeal a judge's decision that said the City cannot build a sports specific facility in Durangito because they said the decision did not make it clear if the City could host sporting events in the arena.

Mayor Dee Margo said quote "If we want to have a Disney on Ice, does that preclude us from having a hockey game. We don't know. That's the reason for the appeal.”

The City also said they they will continue to work within the Duranguito site on the acquisition of properties, and will work with the state's Historic Preservation Commission.

The Paso Del Sur group said they believe the city has spent up to 2 million dollars on this fight and they say that number will only go up with the appeal. The Paso Del Sur group that opposes building the facility in Duranguito criticized the City saying the decision was completely clear.

Dr. Michael Noe who said on Monday that the City should appeal said the cost to El Paso taxpayers has been enormous and blamed those opposed to building the facility in Durangito for the cost.

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