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With Nation Leadership Day right around the corner, I asked our listeners what leadership traits, sayings, or advice should we be sharing and/or teaching our children. While times have changed, I truly believe that our children are our future, and we better plan through our teachings to our youth so we can have a brighter future.

After all, our children are going to be our next leaders, business owners, lawmakers, and defenders of this country and the whole world. By instilling in the youth and students of today leadership qualities and skills we will begin seeing what the future will look like. Here is what some of our listeners had to say that we should be teaching the children/students of today.

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While I raised eight children, in my house I taught every one of my sons and daughters my two leadership traits that are 'actions' and not words. The first one was 'integrity' and I defined it as "doing the right things when no one is watching." The second one was 'responsibility' taking full ownership of what you have done, are doing, or will be doing in the future.

If one of my children showed up late I would ask "whose responsibility was it to make sure you were on time?" It only took once because they owned it. Furthermore, I firmly believe Texans take more pride in our integrity and responsibilities than any other State.

Donald H. McGannon the chairman of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company once said "leadership is an action, not a position." Many of our national and world leaders have shared their leadership thoughts with us and here are a few that captured my attention as a youth in this great country of ours. I know for sure that I am who I am, because of those leaders and their great advice.

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Thanks to all our listeners that participated and shared their leadership thoughts and ideas. Now, on National Leadership Day please share and influence a young person to be a better human and a great leader.

Thankfully Abilene has its own Texas Leadership Charter Academy (TLCA) and the greatest news of all is, that it's not a private school academy. In my opinion, it's an incredible place for our youth to learn how to be the next great leaders of this country and the world.

This year National Leadership Day is February 20, 2023. Don't forget anyone can be a leader and the world definitely needs lots more good leaders. The video below is from 1990 and shows children discussing leadership qualities, I think that it still holds true to date. Source: Inspire My Kids.com and Wikipedia

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