Yesterday around 9:30 p.m., my friend Kim sent me this weird video she took outside of her house. She was freaked out that she saw about 14 to 15 lights hovering outside of her house. As she attempted to record the incident, the camera wasn't able to catch all the lights. Only about four or five.

My friend Kim is a trustworthy person and doesn't seem to be the type to get drunk on a Sunday, so I am going to believe her on this one. She quickly sent it to me and said this is so weird, none of us can explain it. When asked to the describe the situation Kim said, "We saw at least 15 floating lights all moving across the sky. Really close together. They all stopped for about a minute and moved around each other and then left."

I remember about six years ago, seeing a weird triangle of lights that ended up being debunked as a weather balloon. This is another weird video that probably can be debunked but we are going to need multiple videos to correctly debunk these things.

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