Oh boy. Dylan Sprouse, formerly of Disney Channel's 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' made headlines when he had nude photos leak earlier this month ... and now more are here.

Sprouse previously copped to the prior snaps with a series of self-deprecating tweets. His swift confession and sense of humor made the story die down relatively quickly -- or at least until now, when more leaked. Yikes!

The pics appear to be from the same set, and they show the same set of er, Sprouse's stuff ... with one big difference. Ahem.

The original photos were suspected to be leaked by one of Sprouse's ex-girlfriends, and apparently this girl is super bitter and he's super photo-happy, because there's apparently a slew of these. Good thing Sprouse still can have a good chuckle about his naked self. You need that this time of year:

You can see the photos in a link below, but be warned: It's very, very NSFW!