It’s not Grave Digger or El Toro Loco or any of the famous monster trucks you’re familiar with, but if you love the smell of race fuel and the sight of 2,000-pound machines on massive wheels there’s an alternative.

Monster Jam isn’t roaring into El Paso again until likely next March, but monster truck enthusiasts don’t have to go without until then because I’ve learned the second largest promoter of monster truck events in the U.S. is staging a show in our area in August.

It’s called Monster Truck Wars and they’re just as loud and huge, and promise earth-shaking, ground-pounding, high-flying excitement too.

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Monster Truck Wars - The Trucks

Monster Truck Wars Facebook
Monster Truck Wars Facebook

At least four of the show’s featured monster trucks will rumble into the Dona Ana Fair arena in Las Cruces on August 28. The Outlaw, Backdraft, Oso Loco and the Tombstone Sheriff are the heavy metal machines on ridiculously giant wheels that will smash, crash, crush and fly through the air that night.

There will also be bonus entertainment in the form of a quad racing challenge between Team New Mexico and Team Texas. And like the Monster Jam event we’re all familiar with, fans also have the opportunity to buy into a meet and greet and take photos with the Monster Truck Wars trucks and their drivers at a pit party.

It's not Monster Jam, but it pretty much the same thing. The only drawback, really, is that it's not in El Paso and you'll have to drive a bit further. But Las Cruces is a pretty cool city with really good restaurants. And, hey, you'll get to moo at the cows on the drive up.

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