The Miracle League of El Paso is giving locals with disabilities the chance to prove their talents and abilities with their annual “Lords and Ladies" pageant and they are inviting the community to show some support to these amazing contestants.

The Miracle League Of El Paso is a sports organization for children and adults with disabilities. The organization has members that range in age from 3 to 78-year-old.

“I retired from the phone company in 2004 and I saw Miracle League on HBO real sports and thought, why don't they have that here,” said Sandie Olivar, Executive Director for the Miracle League of El Paso.

Sandie used her retirement money to start up Miracle League of El Paso and the organization has been going strong for 16 years.

The organization plays different sports year round that include baseball, basketball, bowling, kickball and even soccer.

However, The Miracle League of El Paso isn't all about sports. For four years now, the organization has been putting on a pageant for their members called, the Lords and Ladies pageant.

This pageant allows for children and adults to show off all of their abilities, talents and most importantly their beauty.

The pageant allows for participants to get out of their comfort zone to learn new skills that involve public speaking, taking professional photos and even a talent show.

Courtesy: Miracle League of El Paso
Courtesy: Miracle League of El Paso

The pageant is also a way for participants to build their self esteem and it's also a reminder to all participants that they are just like everybody else.

“It gives all of these kids just an opportunity just to show that they're just like every other child,” said Sandie. “There's all sorts of crownings and awards in high school that they don’t get to participate in so this gives them the opportunity to say, you know what I got a sash, I got some flowers and feel proud about it. So, that’s the reason why we do it.”

Courtesy: Miracle League of El Paso
Courtesy: Miracle League of El Paso

This year's pageant is set to take place Saturday, October 29th at Burges High School. The pageant is open to the public and you can find more details on tickets and sponsorship opportunities by calling 915-779-4770 or by emailing the organization at

Lords & Ladies Pageant:

  • When: Saturday, October 29, 2022
  • Time: 5 pm - 9 pm
  • Where: Burges High School, 7800 Edgemere Blvd
  • Tickets & More Info: Call: 915-779-4770 or
  • Email:

Lords & Ladies Pageant

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