When planning a bank robbery and your scheme includes making your getaway in a cab, make sure you have some cash on hand to pay for the cab fare. 

Sure, it seems obvious, but I’m betting alleged bank robber Trevor Gladston wished he'd thought it through before he attempted to rob a Wells Fargo bank in Chamblee, Georgia.

After Gladston entered the bank and handed the teller a note saying, "Hand over all the money or we start shooting" and was denied, he took off, grabbing a cab and high-tailing it to a local bus station -- only to discover he had no cab fare. When the driver insisted she wasn’t going to let him out unless he paid, Gladston asked her to take him back to the same bank he had just tried to stick up!!! While he was trying to make a legal withdrawal this time, bank employees recognized him, and held him until the cops arrived to arrest him.

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