One of our favorite events of the year is coming up - it's 'A Chocolate Affair', and this morning, Mike and I got to sample some of the goodies that Kern Place Florist will be offering you next Thursday, January 28th, at the Camino Real Hotel.

Yazmin from Kern Place Florist is a certified chocohologist - not sure if that is a word, but she did go to school to learn how to make fabulous chocolate treats - and she brought by a silver presentation tray with bride-and-groom-themed chocolate dipped pretzels and cake pops.

courtesy: Patricia Martinez

She also brought a box of magic, filled with jalapeno truffles, raspberry filled chocolates, almond bark, chocolate dipped Oreos, chocolate dipped cherries, and chocolate bacon truffles. We did our due diligence and tasted them all, and I can tell you that they were heavenly.

courtesy; Patricia Martinez

Make sure you join us for A Chocolate Affair!