I'm a child of the '80s, and the other day I was nodding off in front of the TV when a very familiar theme song woke me up.  It was the 'Magnum, P.I.' theme song, and lo and behold, I discovered a channel that lets me relive the glory days of '80s television!

The Esquire Network is the television buddy to the magazine of the same name, and apparently, the people who program their network are also '80s junkies.  In addition to 'Magnum', they also run 'Miami Vice' - I'm crazed with excitement!  I'm not kidding!  You know how I always say on the air that I was just a huge nerd in high school?  Well, I was, and on Thursday nights, I was watching Thomas Magnum rocking the shortest shorts a man has ever worn, and Friday nights were all about Sonny Crockett and his pastel suits! Now I won't only geek out about City Council meetings on tv, I can geek out about 2 of my favorite old school tv shows!

What channel do you have to program into your DVR for all the 'Magnum' and 'Vice' hawtness?  In El Paso, if you have Dish Network, it's channel 115.  Time Warner customers, channel 29 is your ticket to Thomas and Sonny.  235 is Direct TV's ticket to '80s paradise.  Go to 1380 for Esquire Network HD with AT&T U-Verse.

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