You know me, I'm all about the National Anthem, and being a proud American, and being proud of my Mexican/Lebanese heritage.  That's why I'm really not proud of a pretty loud, stupid segment of my fellow Americans right now for bashing a little boy for singing the National Anthem at last night's NBA Finals game in San Antonio.

11 year old Sebastien De La Cruz wowed the crowd last night with his rendition of our National Anthem, but he got under the skin of a bunch of idiots who couldn't get past the fact that the born and raised in San Antonio boy chose to wear a traditional mariachi-style outfit during his moment in the spotlight.  Before he sang, he was even introduced as "a native son of San Antonio".

There is nothing wrong with a child celebrating his heritage.  We do that with the foods we eat, the languages we speak, the celebrations that we take part in.  But leave it to a bunch of fools who clearly have no roots or pride in those roots to f*%k up a great moment for a sweet boy.

Congratulations to Sebastien for nailing one of the most beautiful and difficult songs to sing!  And congratulations to his family for instilling pride not only in his Country, but pride in his past as well!

Racists - shut the f up.


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