All the El Paso Cry Babies gathered for a very special event, fueled by Hot Topic. I remember the days when Hot Topic was filled with metal-heads, outcasts and emo kids who needed a safe haven. Now it seems to be filled with grandma's lookin for pop culture gifts. The clothing, pop culture store still does support the music and is helping spread the creative ideas of art pop artist, Melanie Martinez.

Once know as a contestant on 'The Voice' Melanie was a fan favorite from the start. I remember watching that season and my parents even loved her. I really wanted to know who dyes her hair because she is know for her half-colored hair, similar to New Year's Day's Ash Costello.

On September 10th, Melanie Martinez's amazing pink bus made a stop in Downtown El Paso. One local El Paso celebrity, Nikitaxrose shared her photos of getting the chance to stop by the merch-only bus. Fresh off the set of Melanie Martinez's film, 'K-12.' Melanie just released her new album of the same name and I haven't seen the movie yet, but the clothes look cute as alternative rock hell.

I adore artist who are very theatrical so I need to jump on the Melanie Martinez bus. Unfortunately, it won't be coming back to El Paso but you can find it around the country still, like some of her other fans. Just stick to her social media so you can find her, because I am still kicking myself for missing it.

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~wheels on the bus~

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This one cooky girl is from Tucson, Arizona.

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