Meghan Trainor was recently in the Shazam Hot 20 studios and you won't believe what a guy asked her on Tinder.

"You wanna hook up in my mom's car?" That's the lovely pick up line a guy asked Meghan Trainor on Tinder. Of course, she declined and had a chuckle.

They talk for a bit how Hilary Duff recently joined Tinder and actually went on a Tinder date while she was famous. That takes some guts. But Meghan's incident happened when she was out of the limelight and wasn't 'All About That Bass' just yet.

Of course now Meghan Trainor is one of the most popular gals on your radio as she ironically sings 'Dear Future Husband', maybe she was talking to a Tinder potential date.

Whatever her love life brings, we love Meghan and her unique view on love, boys and body type, and that's not just our 'Lips Moving'.




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