Oh. My. Gawd. Did you hear, Matthew McConaughey has decided to move to El Paso?

Word is McConaughey is looking to make some changes in his life, and after spending some time in the area -- apparently in disguise or something cuz no one even knew he'd been here -- he's fallen in love with the Sun City, so he's packing up the truck and heading west.

“I like west Texas and I like the people there," Headline Brief quotes him as saying in a magazine interview. "The people there are real; they’re genuine and I don’t have to always question their sincerity and I think it would be a hell of a great place to raise my family.”

Oooo, I bet he'll get a big house with lots of land in the Upper Valley so his kids can run around. He'll probably have horses and cows and maybe even an alpaca or two because he's a good ole Texas boy and that's what good ole Texas boys do.

Only not.

It turns out the website that published the story is a "fantasy news site." By its own admission, everything on the site is "satire or pure fantasy."

In other words, they just make sh*t up.

So, no, the Oscar-winning heartthrob won't be moving his family to El Paso now or ever. But if it makes you feel better, I'll act all stoned and say "Alright, alright, alright" anytime you want me to. I am, after all, The Man of a Thousand Voices.

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