People have called 911 for some pretty silly reasons, but I’m willing to bet this is the first time someone called the emergency number because his girlfriend was being too self-absorbed.

According to the Nacogdoches, Texas sheriff's office, a deputy was dispatched to a home on Thursday after a man called to report his girlfriend was acting unreasonable and self-centered. When deputy rolled up, the man told him his girlfriend "believes the decisions she makes in life are always correct,“ was "unwilling to accept others advice," and that she "believes she does no wrong."

Now normally, if you misuse 911, you’re going to get a lecture about wasting the law’s time, but it must've been a really slow night in Nacogdoches because the deputy decided to play relationship counselor instead. According to the police report, he told the man that "dealing with an individual with those standards is an uphill battle, but with a positive attitude" their "issues could be reconciled.” Then he added, “Run dude, run!” Just kidding. He didn’t. But he should have.

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