Living in Texas, we have a lot of creepy crawlies to deal with: ants, roaches, mosquitoes, bees/wasps, scorpions... those house centipedes. And let's not forget about spiders... SO MANY people in El Paso alone have had encounters with those 8 legged freaks in their home...

Prime bug time in El Paso is usually around the spring & summer time. That's when we have huge roach, fly, ant & mosquito problems. But the problem with El Paso... it gets pretty warm practically all year long. So we can have insect problems EVERY DAY.

And when that happens, out comes...the swarms.

Don't forget, when we have rain, the humidity comes after that? That's perfect for bugs to come out & seek out warmer environments to survive. And to make things even worse, according to a 2021 survey by the Dallas Culture Map, Texas ranks in the top 3 on the top 10 friendliest states to bugs. Aka... the WORST states with bug problems:

  • Texas is ranked #2 on the state friendliest to mosquitos
  • #2 for rats
  • and #2 for cockroaches. Which sucks because then we get to see the most hated bug in Texas so often...

And if you need further evidence on just how bad the bugs in Texas can be, just look up "Texas bugs" on YouTube. Don't worry I won't put any videos here (I won't subject you to that) But be warned...if you DO search, you'll find some absolutely disgusting creatures on YouTube.

So remember to do these tips to keep your house from getting infested:

  • Remove food & water sources; take out the garbage, clean the sinks... Keep that kitchen & anywhere you eat food, clean.
  • Close any entry ports for creatures to get in: doors, windows, or holes in the walls leading outside.
  • Clean out any trash on the floor, or any clutter in your home. Vacuum/sweep regularly. Don't want any bugs hiding in the carpet.
  • Keep that bug spray near by for any quick kills you'll have to do. Please don't resort to burning down your house trying to kill that spider. Don't be like this guy...

And of course there's always the option, if you kill a roach, you can always donate it to the El Paso Zoo...

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