Just as Justin Bieber hit the pause button on his Los Angeles show on Friday evening to share a prayer for the victims of Paris, Madonna similarly spent some time during her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Stockholm on Saturday night speaking out on the horrific terrorist attacks that wracked the French city on November 13.

Spending nearly seven minutes on the subject, the tearful pop star offered an impassioned, eloquent, and emotional speech on the events of the night prior, as well as urged for unconditional love, her voice cracking every so often under the heavy weight of its content. Watch the video and/or read the transcript of her speech, below:

After finishing her statement, a truly powerful thing happened when the artist called a "moment of silence for the victims who died last night in Paris and for the families of those victims." For just under a minute, the entire Tele2 arena went dark and silent, tens of thousands of people standing in quiet, somber unison with not even so much as a cell phone going off.

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