June is Pride Month and for so many it is the month to celebrate and bring hope to the LGBTQ community. So many in the community struggle to find acceptance in their families or among their friends and colleagues that having a month to call their own helps to give them a sense of acceptance that they may not find in their own lives. It also commemorates the uprising at the Stonewall Inn in June, 1969, that sparked a liberation movement and helped gay rights come to the forefront in America.

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Visit El Paso is celebrating Pride month with a display in San Jacinto Plaza that will be in the park through June. Love Letters is an installation that first were installed in the plaza in July of 2020 to celebrate and recognize various groups and special occasions. They have been on display for COVID Heroes, during Hispanic Heritage Month, and for Black History Month in February of this year.

If you go to San Jacinto Plaza to see the Pride Month Love Letters Visit El Paso would like you to share photos and posts on social media using the hashtags #iloveeptx and #EPPride. As someone with family and friends in the LGBTQ community I have to say it is wonderful to see my city and community recognizing the struggle and the contribution the community makes to El Paso.

Happy Pride Month!

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