Two San Francisco-area radio stations have banned Lorde from their airwaves, the Hollywood Gossip reports. Say what?

As all Lorde fans know, the 'Royals' singer wrote the hit after seeing a National Geographic cover featuring Kansas City Royals player George Brett signing a baseball. And considering the Royals are facing off against the San Francisco Giants in the upcoming World Series, that certainly explain the radio stations' Lorde ban.

In response, however, Kansas City station 99.7 is planning to blast 'Royals' every hour, all day long, on the day of the first game of the Series.

"You might try to stop the #Royals on your airwaves... but we'll just pump 'em up!" the station wrote on their Facebook page. Tell 'em, Kansas City!

Lorde fans, what do you think of the 'Royals' radio ban?

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