The Children’s Grief Center of El Paso is offering counseling services for children who have lost a loved one to COVID or are experiencing anxiety and depression.

Many people have been hit hard and while the focus on the numbers of people sick and sadly dying in some cases tends to be focused towards how it’s affecting adults, it’s important that children are not lost in the shuffle when it comes to resources offering support of any kind.  In some cases, children see the anxiety that their parent’s or older family members are going though and end up feeling every bit of that insecurity.   To have a resource equipped to handle the specific needs of children is something that should be shared with all those that might be in need to these services.

The Children’s Grief Center is a nonprofit, but they do charge fees for their services. However, they will consult with families who cannot afford the fees and look at additional options in an effort to make sure they don’t go without support.  They will provide an environment catered to providing age-appropriate support for young people that are struggling after having gone through the death of a loved one.  More information on the services they provide can be found on their website at

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