Living in the Sun City gives us the perfect t-shirt weather. Lucky, we have plenty of local stores supplied with tons of styling El Paso t-shirts for everyone.

If you are looking for a gift, want to remember where you came from if you move, send one out to someone who moved or just want to show off your love for EP, then start shopping local. I have bought a few of these shirts for my loved ones and they can't help but brag about the quality and uniqueness of local designs.

It's great to see shops team up with local artists to help get their designs on some sweet tees. So far, the four companies I have found full of El Paso tees are Desert People, Proper Printshop, EsTYLOW JUNKTion and Chuco Relic.

Here are a few of the ones I already own and some I hope to own soon. I am always looking for more local shops to continue my collection, so please feel free to send me info on new shops or local artists.

Vanessa SinghDhillon representing El Paso at the Granada Theater with the Dirty River Boys .

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Rojo @psychedelicnikita in the unisex 1972 Tee. ❤️❤️ #desertpeople #heatwave #linkinbio

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El Paso Tx ❤️ @karlitavoss #desertpeople #deserthoney

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Thunderbird #desertpeople

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#ELBRONCO by #EsTYLOWJUNKTiON Coming this week... #ElPaso #ItsAllGoodEP

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