We all have neighbors, but unless you live in a sitcom, you probably either don't know them very well or you might not like them very much. On Mike and Tricia Mornings this week, we asked listeners to tell us all about their neighbors. We got some hilarious answers like the listener who said she knows when her neighbor is doing the laundry and what kind of detergent she is using because it so strong she can smell it outside her house.

I have a neighbor who loves to garden in the front yard with the tiniest tennis skirts I've ever seen. Yeah, she has the body for it, but please señora, there are kids running around! Mike has a neighbor who has four little kids and when they go walking around the neighborhood, the little ones walk behind her in a line from the tallest to the smallest. He calls her Mrs. Duck because she looks so cute with her littles walking behind her.

The listeners in this clip had us laughing on the air because of their funny, and nosy, neighbors!

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