Three life-size silly skeletons have been causing a ruckus in West El Paso, posing daily in various comical and hysterical ways while entertaining neighbors and spectators.

West El Paso has been entertained over the past month thanks to my friend, Roni Villanueva, and her boyfriend. The two Westsiders have been having some fun with their Halloween yard decorations by posing three skeletons in compromising positions.

This year, the two decided to pose three skeletons in various everyday activities such as doing yard work and reminding folks to go vote, and showing support for local businesses. The silly trio also manages to find themselves hosting Sunday Funday, playing pool, golfing, and at one point, get caught taking a soak in the hot tub.

The skeletal threesome even pays tribute to several sports teams and musicians, featuring an evening honoring the late guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, Led Zepplin, and showing support for Dax Prescott after his terrible leg injury.

The hi-jinx behind these three impish skeletons had me cracking up day after day on Facebook. Many thanks, to my gal pal and her boyfriend for seriously throwing some maximum effort into this endeavor, and bringing some much-needed levity and distraction during these unreal times.

We can only hope that they’ll be back for Christmas.

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