St. Patrick's Day is upon us. Some people are going to go out and party until they puke rainbows out of their mouths. Everyone is wearing green and waiting to find people to pinch. For those who might be feeling lucky, there is a chance you might start seeing some Leprechauns tonight. Weirdly enough we think we spotted one in Downtown El Paso.

The Leprechaun we sent out was our lovely team member Michelle. She decided to become the hero El Paso deserves on St. Patrick's Day. She ran around San Jacinto Plaza, made people smile and fell on her butt, while embracing the title as Leprechaun. One guy tested her and attempted to steal her lucky charms. That is so not cool in this era. No one should touch anyone's lucky charms.

Here to all those who are going out to find their own Leprechauns tonight and if you leave some gold out tonight, maybe just maybe, you might start seeing Leprechauns too.

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