This Lenten season place an order for some of the best Mexican-style shrimp cocktails on this side of the border.

It's no meat Fridays for El Pasoans who observe the Catholic faith, and it's the perfect time to discover some of the best shrimp cocktails around the city.

We are two weeks into the Lenten season and if you think you are running out of options, think again.

No meat Fridays, no problem, we’ve been sharing the best fish tacos, drive-thru fish sandwiches, and now we bring you some of the best shrimp cocktails creations this side of the border.

I love making a good shrimp cocktail with cucumber, celery, onion, cilantro, chunks of avocado, and loads of freshly squeezed lime juice but let’s face it; everyone is sick of cooking five thousand times a day. Instead, consider stopping by any of these El Paso eateries serving up mouthwatering Mexican Style shrimp cocktails (Coctel de Camaron) all while supporting local.

The Johnny Cash Beer Garden

Johnny Cash Bar Cynthia Lopez

The Johnny Cash Bar isn't your average dive bar; it's turning out some legit eats, including shrimp cocktails that pair up nicely with an ice-cold brew. 

Los Aguachiles  

Los Aguachiles FB

For the last decade, Los Aguachiles has been serving up delicious seafood, including shrimp cocktails off Mesa and Remcon, across from Walmart. 

Little Shack  

Little Shack FB

Everything on the Little Shack menu is worth ordering, from their oyster shooters to their humungous shrimp cocktail.  

Los Colegas 

Los Colegas FB

With several eateries across the border and in El Paso, Los Colegas serves Mexican-style shrimp cocktails that will have you going back for more.  

Lapa Lapa 

Lapa Lapa FB

Lapa Lapa is hands down one of West El Paso’s best seafood eateries featuring their shrimp cocktails in mason jars.  

El Paso is full of delicious eats, so place an order and enjoy the savory goodness of a proper shrimp cocktail, all while supporting local businesses.


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