If you are a yoga enthusiast or maybe you just want to get started and learn the ways of the yogurts, then make plans to be at the El Paso Museum of History this week for a free yoga class.

You don't have to be a master yogurt, you just have to want to take some time to expand and evolve your mind and body. If you think yogaing is just a bunch of stretching and posing and ain't nobody got time for that, think again. Yoga will teach you how to breathe more efficiently, make your muscles longer and leaner, and show you how good your butt can look in yoga pants.

A little sidenote - don't buy cheap yoga pants. Your fellow yogurts will instantaneously know all sorts of things about you that you probably didn't intend for them to discover. Just saying. I heard it from a friend.

By the way if you are an employee of the City of El Paso, you can get 5 wellness points with proof that you went to the class.

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