From the first few seconds of Lea Michele's 'On My Way' music video, it's very clear the singer has cranked up the sex appeal!

The beginning shows steamy shots of the 'Glee' star with a male companion, only to transition to an action-packed road trip with her friends. The lyrics of 'On My Way' are all about taking chances, and it's clear in this visual that Lea is embracing the opportunity to live in the moment.

The video jumps from images of Lea's hotel room, to a dusty desert road, to a diner and more! There's even some sultry shots of the singer grinding against her hotel door and posing in a bathtub. One thing is certain -- the video has all of the makings to be a summer hit!

We love that the singer is letting loose and showing off her adventurous side! Watch Lea smolder in her 'On My Way' video above!

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