Dog-shaming is one of the most fun things you can do and see on the internet these days. And it looks like celebrity canines aren’t immune to public embarrassment if they misbehave.

Just ask Lauren Conrad’s new puppy.

Some evil genius has created a site where people can share pictures of their dogs being shamed for various crimes against man, nature, things and themselves. And most dogs play along very well, putting on their best looks of guilt. So if you haven’t seen it, you must.

Go. We'll wait. (Just remember we're not responsible for any lost productivity.)

Enter Lauren Conrad. The former 'Laguna Beach' star has an adorable new puppy, and while he's very very cute, he's clearly developed a taste for footwear. As proof, Conrad posted a photo on Instagram of the sweetly guilt-ridden pooch alongside a partially destroyed shoe and a sign reading “I thought your shoe was a snack ...”

All of this has a cute factor of about a thousand -- so if you don’t like sweets, it may make your teeth hurt. But otherwise, feel free to make puppy-wuppy sounds at your screen.

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