CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (2/1/11):  --Heather Morris - 24   The blonde cheerleader on "Glee".  She's my absolute favorite character on the show. That's right, I'm a Gleek. So what? Enjoy Heather performing "Me Against the Music" for "Glee's" Britney Spears episode.  She does Britney's part and Naya Rivera sings Madonna's. It' like Skinamax without having to pay for it!!!

--Lauren Conrad - 25  Star of "Laguna Beach" on MTV. Star of "The Hills" on MTV. Soon to be the star of another, untitled MTV show. 

--Michael C. Hall - 40  He played the gay brother David on "Six Feet Under" and is now the serial killer Dexter on "Dexter".  Although in real life he's neither gay nor a serial killer.  OR IS HE? 

--Lisa Marie Presley - 43  "The King's" only child. Her marriage to Michael Jackson lasted less than two years.  Her marriage to Nicolas Cage a whopping 108 days. Their common bond? A love of all things Elvis. Lisa Marie lives in London now with her latest husband, Michael Lockwood Harper, and their twin daughters Vivienne and Finley (pictured below in a rare public outing January 8, 2011 in L.A., where she's said to be working on her third album.)

--SHERMAN HEMSLEY - 73   George Jefferson on "The Jeffersons." He used to live in El Paso. Does he still? Anyone know? Weezy? Anyone?