If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you know that there are a million details that need to be taken care of. This list isn't going to help you cook your turkey or stuffing, but it will give you a couple of things I've been doing for years that help your Thanksgiving spread a fancy schmancy look but doesn't cost your entire paycheck:

1. Candles or flowers - Don't do both. Either put out a ton of inexpensive tea lights everywhere or put out bowls filled with a few blooms floating on water. You don't have to have expensive vases, just bowls filled with water. You can snip off the blooms of a cheap bunch of supermarket flowers and float them. They're pretty and should cost less than $20. If you don't want to use tea lights, get a pack of inexpensive pillar candles and group them on plain dinner plates. They're pretty and you can use them after all the guests leave.

2. Plastic containers - If your guests want to take leftovers home, don't give them your good containers, go to the dollar store and get containers there. They are cheap and you won't care if they never make it back to your house.

3. Guest towels - People are going to need to pee, it's just the way it is. If you don't want your guests to have to dry their hands on a damp hand towel, get paper guest towels. They look super posh and you can pick them up inexpensively where you get paper napkins. They're very fancy!

4. Sugar cubes - It seems like a silly little thing, but putting sugar cubes in your coffee seems very old fashioned and fancy. It also cuts down on spilled sugar on your counters and floors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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