The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of changes in our lives. Our kids don't go to school anymore, we can't go do a Target or any other shopping run the way we used to, and we can't hang out with family and friends in our homes like we did just two short months ago. It has also changed the way neighboring cities deal with each other.

The El Paso/Las Cruces/Juarez area used to be like one big basket of puppies with citizens from each city easily going back and forth between the three areas. People had family in the different cities and kids went to schools in the neighboring towns, and shopping between the three cities was a common thing, but the coronavirus has changed all that, too.

The mayor of Las Cruces, Ken Miyagishima, put out a video that should tell you exactly what Las Crucens and New Mexico think about the expiration of the Texas stay-at-home orders. The mayor put out a video on social media that essentially said 'For God's sake, don't go to El Paso to go shopping!'

I may have paraphrased here, but really, our cities have been neighbors for hundreds of years. We've been through all kinds of hardships together, but the thought of the lifting of the stay-at-home orders is enough to get the mayor of Las Cruces to say RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AWAY FROM EL PASO!

I don't blame him. This was a boneheaded move on Texas Governor Greg Abbott's part and I just pray to God that it doesn't come back to bite us on the backside in a couple of weeks.

By the way Mayor Ken, if I promise to wear a mask and gloves, can I go to Las Cruces?

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