A sign posted on social media has gotten a Las Cruces church a lot of online grief, but the pastor says someone used a generator site to alter the message on his church's sign.

Max Perkins is the pastor of Temple Baptist and he said he got a lot of angry phone calls after a picture above was posted on social media. Perkins said someone used a website that allows you to alter photos of signs to make the photo. The sign appears to be in support of Roy Moore, the Alabama senate hopeful who has been accused of sexually assaulting and harassing teenage girls. Perkins said his church doesn't get involved in politics.

The sign at Temple Baptist currently states "Being thankful is not in a day, but a lifestyle. Pretty harmless right?"

Perkins also said that it makes no sense for his New Mexico church to comment about an election happening in Alabama. This isn't the first time Temple Baptist's sign has been hit by vandals, although in the past, it was the actual, physical sign that was targeted by vandals. The church installed a lock to prevent anyone from altering it, but the pastor says there isn't much he can do about internet vandals.

As for the person who created the post on social media, Pastor Perkins says, "I can honestly say I'd like to know that person finds faith in Jesus Christ someday."

That sounds much nicer than, "Ya'll need Jesus."

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