Lady Gaga gave an in-depth interview to E! about her video ‘Marry the Night.’ While it’s being heralded as Gaga’s directorial debut, she was quick to point out that she has always been the creative director of her career, so it’s not that much different.

For the chat, Gaga, dressed in an all-white ensemble, with ’70s sunglasses, multiple strands of pearls and matte, plum lips, revealed that ‘Marry the Night’ video is inspired by an actual day in her life and that the framework is true. But it’s been embellished for art’s sake. She revealed that the hospital scene is reminiscent of actual events, and occurred the day she was dropped from her first record label. Bet the execs who made that decision are kicking themselves now.

“When you deal with things from your past, how do you view them as opposed to what happened in a factual way?” Gaga posed. “I could tell you what happened in a factual way … But that would be boring.”

When asked if she was “hyping” the situation, Gaga quickly dismissed such a notion, saying, “It is my personal way of seeing things. Not just artistic in the way I see it, but the way you see things. All of that is real and everything in the video is real. It’s just my vision of that reality and it is up to you to decipher what you would like to be real and false.”

Translation: it’s open to interpretation and there is no right or wrong.

The elongated toe shoes represent obstacles. Gaga likes obstacles. “To marry your obstacles means I, the artist, wholeheartedly accept everything you choose to throw at me,” she said. “I am destined to struggle and to write music about this struggle and I accept it willingly.”

Even though she said she has an inability to find happiness with a man, there is one person of the male persuasion that she trusts. She said, “I am happiest with my dad. I am very Italian. All women in my family don’t get marred until they are 50.”

Watch Lady Gaga in the E! Interview

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