Whoops! Lady Gaga accidentally injured Ariana Grande on the set of their music video for "Rain On Me."

The latest episode of GAGAVISION, posted on Thursday (August 6), showed the exact moment when the "Sour Candy" singer scratched Grande near her eye while they were practicing choreography for their collaboration.

"I shanked her with my nail by accident dancing," Gaga told her crew while Grande was laying on the floor.

"Lady Gaga scratched my eye!" Grande exclaimed, laughing. "It's an honor, I hope it scars."

"Which I'm not going to let you do, so stop," Gaga quipped. Grande once again joked about the scratch, to which Gaga replied, "You scratched my heart."

"I hope it stays there forever," Grande said while looking at her phone to see the scratch in her camera. "It feels like I was in an action movie."

Gaga then grabbed Neosporin and jokingly tackled her fellow pop star, who tried to resist the healing cream. "Ari, give me your face, listen to your mom," Gaga said while holding her down.

"Oh my God, you're two days older than me," Grande shouted, as the pair began chasing each other around the room.

Watch the funny moment, below.

See Grande's Instagram Story about the incident, below.

Screenshot_2020-08-07 Ariana Grande ( arianagrande) • Instagram photos and videos

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