Check out Khalid in this commercial for JBL sound.

Last year Khalid headlined the JBL Fest and now he has joined forces with JBL to define what “Sound is Home” to him. The global superstar and 6-time Grammy nominee was selected for his musical experiences, from his influential music reach to the sounds throughout his life.

In the commercial, Khalid talks about how sound has the ability to bring him home internally even when he’s touring non-stop. In his genuine response, he talks about being a military brat, always on the move and listening to his mother sing to him as some of the sounds that bring him back home.

We are thrilled for Khalid’s continued rising star and we wish him further success along his musical journey and are proud that he’s all about the 915.

Tune-in January 26, 2020, on CBS to check out the 2020 Grammy’s where Khalid to see if he takes home a Grammy for Record of The Year for Talk.


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