The long-awaited, much anticipated mixtape from Khalid, El Paso’s own international superstar, has officially been released.

"Scenic Drive," a companion piece to his 2018 "Suncity" EP, is another shining example of the Americas High grad name-checking and repping the 9-1-5 on the world stage.

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Speaking to Apple Music in October about the title of the mixtape, Khalid explained that the iconic lookout spot is “one of the spots that I go to or I went to a lot in El Paso.”

It’s this drive up this mountainside and then you look to the left and you see Juarez and see El Paso. Lights. Lights. It's the perfect place to go at night. It's one of those places you go with your friends and you park on the side and you hop out the car and you just sit in awe of how beautiful the city is.

"Scenic Drive" is an eight song extended-play, most of which are collabs with R&B or hip-hop artists “that I listen to, that I love,” such as 6lack and Ari Lennox, and includes a guest intro track by Alicia Keys.

Although none of the song lyrics are specifically related to or about El Paso -- not even, ironically enough, the title track -- the cover art features Khalid inside a classic car on Scenic Drive, and Khalid walking down S. Mesa Street downtown on the back cover.

A Brief History of El Paso's Scenic Drive

El Paso Parks and Recreation
El Paso Parks and Recreation

Taking a leisurely cruise up the winding road to Murchison Park on Scenic Drive is a time honored El Paso tradition.

Notable not just for its majestic view, but for being one of the very few spots in the United States from where you can you see two countries and three states, Scenic Drive offers arguably one of the most beautiful perspectives of El Paso's landscape.


It’s a great place to watch a sunrise or a sunset -- and it’s not a bad make out spot either. It's easy to see why it's Khalid's favorite "Location." Take a video tour and learn about the lookout point from this 2015 Only in El Paso episode.

Where To Find El Paso’s 3D Balloon Murals:

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