Yes, anything Khalid does is amazing. To performing with Imagine Dragons on the American Music Awards, to having his single 'Location' go platinum, this young man has many accomplishments. One of his recent amazing things includes adding a furry friend to his hype crew.

According to Khalid and Bark N' Bitches' Instagram photos, Khalid just adopted an adorable puppy! As if Khalid couldn't get any cuter, he now has a four-legged partner in crime!

What is really surprising, is the intensive interview Khalid had to go through, in order to adopt his new pup, Roxy. The lovely people at Bark N' Bitches weren't sure if Khalid would work well with the puppy, due to his crazy superstar schedule. Obviously, Khalid proved his worth to the gatekeepers of the adoption center and now owns a cute little fur baby!

Even though he didn't walked away with an AMA last night, he did walk away with a new friend from L.A. Which is way better than a statue. Let's be real here. That statue isn't going to give him sweet, smelly puppy kisses. The most it can give him is like heat, if you shine it perfectly in the sun.

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